Shintaro Tanaka

Composer. Born in Tokyo, September 21, 1988.
In 2015, he established a music label “ototote”, and released his first piano solo album ‘gathered petals’.
He has been put effort into composing for the movies. Thus far, the short CG film ‘Old Umbrella’ (directed by Keisuke Ito) was awarded 2013 TBS DigiCon6 HP&AMD Award, and the movie ‘goodbye, raspberry.’ (directed by Hitomi Tezuka) won won Special Jury Award at the 12th Ueda Jyokamachi Film Festival in 2014. He was elected to act as judge at the Keio University Mita Film Competition from 2011 through 2013, during which he composed prepared programs for the film competitions.
Currently he is collaborating with Yuki Horisaka under the name Tranquillity Base.

田中慎太郎(たなか しんたろう)

2015年、音楽レーベルotototeを設立。初のソロアルバム「gathered petals」をリリースする。映像作品にも精力的に携わり、’Old Umbrella’(伊東圭佑監督 2013年)はTBS DigiCon6 HP&AMD賞を受賞。’goodbye, raspberry.‘(手塚瞳監督2014年)うえだ城下町映画祭審査員賞を受賞。2011年から2013年まで、慶應義塾大学三田映画祭における課題曲の提供ならびに作品審査を務めた。




[Movie Soundtracks]
“Quietness of the Sea”directed by Ryoichi Tamura(2016)

“Wakamurasaki-to”directed by Hitomi Tezuka(2014)

“goodbye, raspberry” directed by Hitomi Tezuka(2014)
Award at the 18th Ueda Jyokamachi Film Festival
2014年 “goodbye, raspberry” 手塚瞳監督作品

“illumination” directed by Ryoichi Tamura (2014)
2014年 “イルミネーション” 田村凌一監督作品

“Old Umbrella” directed by Keisuke Ito (2013 TBS DigiCon6 HP&AMD Award)
2013年 “old umbrella” 伊東圭佑監督作品(TBS DigiCon6 HP&AMD賞受賞)

Keio University Mita Film Competition(2011-2013)
2011年~2013年 慶応義塾大学三田映画祭 課題曲担当


BS-TBS Saturday Movie Night (opening movie 2015)
2015年 BS-TBS 土曜ロードショー(オープニング楽曲担当)

SUM! by Makoto Funamizu (2016)
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Checkie! by Enfani(
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